CCLS Math Team won team and individual awards

Dear Parents,

    CCLS Math Olympiad students have a tradition to form a competition team each year and take great challenges to win honors for CCLS. On Jan 27, 2018, CCLS sent three Math teams (twelve students) to 2018 Exeter Math Club Competition (EMCC). Out of 70 strong teams including some famous middle schools from China, our CCLS Math Team One had finished 1st place in the Team round and the Guts round and 2nd place in the Sweepstakes round under instructor Dr. Shanhong Ji. Members of CCLS Math Team One are Eric Yang, Andrew Lee, Arianna Li and Henry Zhao.

     In the individual competition, out of 300 competitors Eric Yang and Andrew Lee earned 1st and 2nd places. We are all very proud of their hard work and achievement. 

     Congratulations to our Math Olympiad teacher Dr. Shanhong Ji and his students.  


今年Exeter Math Club Competition (EMCC) 比赛在1月27日举办,这次我们世纪中文学校组了3个队,共12人参加。EMCC 是由美国著名私立高中Phillips Exeter Academy 举办的初中数学竞赛,每年吸引来自各地大约70多个队伍近300人参赛,包括来自中国一些拔尖中学的十几只队伍。

一队在Eric Yang 带领下成绩很好。

 一队成员名单是:Eric Yang, Andrew Lee, Arianna Li 和 Henry Zhao

其中Eric Yang 获个人第一名, Andrew Lee 获个人第二名

一队并获团体赛(team round)第一,勇气赛(Guts round)第一, 最后团体总分第二名

The early registration of CCLS summer camp (Aug 13-17, Aug 20-24) will end on March 31, 2018. Go to Unipay gold to register:


The summer camp description could be found on our website:



Zhisong Ji

Parents' Meeting on Jan 28, Spring 2018 Classes and Summer Camp Introduction

Hi All Parents,
All CCLS parents' meeting will be hold this Sunday on Jan 28 starting at 1:30 pm in the cafeteria. 

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tentative agenda
1:30 pm  CCLS Summary by Zhisong Ji
Summer Camp Introduction 
Presidential Service Award Introduction
Introduction of 2018 Spring New Classes
1.Adult Chinese Beginner Class (1st and  2nd period) Chaohang Zou
2. Introduction to Bridge (4th period)   Yongguang Xiao
3. Vocal Lesson Adult (1st period), (2nd Period), (3rd Period) Jie Weston
Vocal Lesson Kids (4th period) Jie Weston
4. Debate Class for Middle School Students (3rd and 4th periods) Gaurav Asthana, Christina Lai
Gaurav Asthana is currently a senior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Massachusetts where he has been captain of the debate team for two years.  In this time, he helped double the team’s size and coached novice debaters who won the Massachusetts State Championship.  As a competitor himself, Gaurav was the first debater from his school to qualify to the Tournament of Champions and he has been ranked as high as 1st in Massachusetts and 3rd in the US.  Having worked with younger debaters for the past four years, Gaurav strives to make debate both an accessible and enjoyable experience for anyone, regardless of skill level. 
Christina Lai is a Lincoln-Douglas debater on our team who was a Quarterfinalist at the Massachusetts State tournament and the Lexington Invitational. 
5. Robert Rowe   SAT English Reading and Writing (3rd and 4th Periods)
6. Zhang Min       Tennis (Adult and Kids for 2018 Spring starting April)


The CCLS culture classes for spring 2018 have been posted on CCLS UniPay
You can view the class descriptions and tuition by selecting "Culture Class" on the left menu of the page.

The 2018 Spring class will start on Feb 04, 2018.


Zhisong  Ji

CCLS Principal

updated calendar/Seminar: 大学生心路历程 on Jan 21 third period

Hi all,


Our 2018 Spring semester will start on Feb 4 instead of Jan 28.  On Jan 28, we will hold a parents' meeting to introduce 2018 new culture classes.  We will let you know when on-line registration for the 2018 Spring semester will be open.  This year instead of having Chinese New Year Performance, we will hold Chinese New Year Party on March 3 (Sat), more details to come. On Feb 25, we will have regular Chinese class. We will hold CCLS Year End Performance on May 13 (Sunday),


During the 3rd period a college freshmen Andrew Liu (Brown University will share his experiences with CCLS middle school/high school students and their parents. Topic include: how to find out what you like to do in high school? What could you do in high school to best prepare you for college? How to manage relationships with your parents? Time management (Video game, extra curriculum activities),  important of learning Chinese etc.


Seminar by Andrew Liu

Topic:  Andrew to share his experience in high school and the first year in college (bring your questions).

Audience: middle school/high school students and parents

Time: Jan 21 Sunday 3rd period 3:15 pm-4:15 pm

Location: 2nd floor office area


Andrew Liu's Bio:



Andrew Liu is currently a freshman at Brown University. Since elementary school, his two biggest passions have always been chess and music. He is a self-taught chess master and 7-time national chess champion, who has represented the U.S. in the World Youth Chess Championships and has been awarded a place on the All-American team. In music, Andrew has been a member of the All-National, All-State, and District Bands, having performed in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Symphony Hall, and the Grand Ole Opry House. He has also been a winner of American Fine Arts Festival and National High School Flute Choir Competition. Andrew went to Westborough High School, where he was involved with Student Council, the Track and Badminton teams, as well as various small-ensemble groups. At CCLS, Andrew was both a student and chess teacher, having taught the chess class for four years. Today his favorite thing to learn about is computer science, while chess remains his greatest hobby outside of school.




Zhisong Ji


CCLS Principal

Seminar 演唱技巧及风格的探讨 Dec 17

Hi all parents,


We will hold a seminar by Jie Weston (潘洁) on Dec 17 at CCLS 2nd floor office area. 

Title: 演唱技巧及风格的探讨

Jie Weston is planning to offer two vocal classes for adult (2nd period) and kid above 8 years old (3rd or 4th periods) during 2018 spring semester.   If you are interested in singing, please join us. 

声乐教育家、女高音歌唱家Jie Weston 专场讲座——演唱技巧及风格的探讨


        学习目标:1. 懂得运用科学的发声方法来提高自己的演唱水平;2. 锻练舞台表演的实践基础;3. 学会合理用嗓,保护嗓子;4. 树立对科学歌唱的评判标准和审美意识;5. 积累优秀的中文歌曲曲目,增强民族自豪感。
         课程开设分成人班 和少儿班(8岁以上)。



No Chinese School on Dec. 24, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017

Hi all Parents and Teachers,

No Chinese School on Dec 24, 2017 and Dec 31,  2017, we will be back on Jan 07, 2018.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Zhisong Ji

CCLS Principal

Dec 10 CCLS Snow Day Policy

Hi all parents and teachers,


We will have Chinese School today.  Drive safely. 


Just a reminder of our snow day policy, CCLS will send an e-mail notification to parents if there is a cancellation due to the bad weather.  Parents should also check the following broadcast to find out if MassBay Community College is closed.

WBX 1030                            WBZ-TV Channel 4                                           WCVB-TV Channel 5  

Please also check Massbay website and CCLS website:
and we will announce it in CCLS parent wechat group.  

Best Regards

Zhisong Ji

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