Dec 10 CCLS Snow Day Policy

Hi all parents and teachers,


We will have Chinese School today.  Drive safely. 


Just a reminder of our snow day policy, CCLS will send an e-mail notification to parents if there is a cancellation due to the bad weather.  Parents should also check the following broadcast to find out if MassBay Community College is closed.

WBX 1030                            WBZ-TV Channel 4                                           WCVB-TV Channel 5  

Please also check Massbay website and CCLS website:
and we will announce it in CCLS parent wechat group.  

Best Regards

Zhisong Ji

Thank you for your support/CCLS account

Hi CCLS Parents and Teachers,


As you spend time with your friends and family this Thanksgiving, I’d like to take a moment to give thanks to parents for your support to our community, give thanks to teachers for your dedication and hard work, give thanks to students for your effort to learn Chinese.
I am profoundly grateful that I have the opportunity to work among the amazing teachers, students and parents who care about our community and our culture. 
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and delicious food.
There will no Chinese school this Sunday Nov 26. 
If you are shopping through Amazon, please use the follow link below, the 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to Century Chinese Language School, you still can use your regular amazon account, you just need to shop through smile. to support Century Chinese Language School 
Please bookmark this link. Thank you for your support in advance.



Zhisong Ji
CCLS Principal

CCLS First day Sep 10 classroom assignment

Dear CCLS Families,


The first day of school (10 Sep, Sunday) will be the most busiest day of the year. 

To prepare for the first day, here are a couple of things you might want to pay attention to.
1. You should have received a welcome email from your child's Chinese teacher with the class room assignment (will also be posted at the entrance on the first day and our website). The tennis class will be from 3:30-5 pm at Butterworth Park, Framingham GPS address: 221 Bishop Street, Framingham, MA. We will offer a Practical Chinese class during 3rd period, focusing on 

2. All text books will be distributed in the classroom by their teacher if you have registered the class on-line before Sep 8.  Otherwise, you need to register on-line (need to have your check book with you when register on-line), all payments are through Unipay Gold on-line system:

3. Please arrive at 1:15 pm to find your classroom and pick up textbooks from your teacher.

4. We still have spots for culture classes such as Cartoon drawing, art 1 and art 2, kid dancing (3th period),  Singapore Math classes,  basketball classes for intermediate level and beginner, badminton classes (3rd and 4th periods) , tennis (location listed above), and senior English.  You are welcome to try them for the first week.  (notes: The debate class has been cancelled and moved to Spring 2018, if you selected that class, either get refund or register for another culture class).

5. If you want to switch classes, please go on-line to register for the new class and come to office to get refund from the old class.   

6. The school calendar could be found on our website as well.

7. For the safety of our children, please park your car first, then walk to the building.  No drop off in front of the entrance.  Please don't block the entrance and the parking lot.

8. Volunteers and extra helps are welcome on the first day, please let me know if you could help.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thanks for reading and feel free to forward this email to your friends.


9 Here is the link to the pictures taken during the picnic on Aug 27.
Best Regards


Zhisong Ji

CCLS Principal

2017 AP 中文成绩汇报/CCLS registration

Hi CCLS Parents and teachers,



It is my pleasure to announce that six students in our AP Chinese class received 5 and one student received 4 in the 2017 AP Chinese exam.  I would like to thank AP Chinese teacher Yan Bai for her hard work.  Congratulations to all students and parents!  It is a great accomplishment after 10 years of Chinese learning. 





CCLS has offered AP/SAT Chinese for more than ten years.  I am glad to let you know that next year Yan Bai will continue to teach AP Chinese.  If you have not registered for Chinese class yet, please register asap.  After Sept 1, the late fee $10 will be added to the tuition fee. 


Here is the link to unipay registration.   You could check out as a guest. Please make sure add parent duty fee $50 before you check out if you are not a teacher.


Here is the link to the registration tutorial:



Our CCLS picnic will be hold on Aug 27 at Dean Park (11-3 pm).

Our first day of school will be Sept 10. 


Zhisong Ji

CCLS Principal

CCLS Picnic Aug 27 Sunday at Dean Park 11:00 am/registration

Dear CCLS Community,

Our annual CCLS Community Picnic Party will be hold on Sunday Aug 27 at Dean Park of Shrewsbury  (Main St, Shrewsbury, MA 01545) – North Pavilion (No. Pavilion on the map, and using Parking #4 or #5), starting 11:00 am . Please feel free to forward this invitation to your neighbors and friends. CCLS will provide water, utensils,  watermelon, some Chinese food and pizza for the party and we are asking if you could bring enough food for your own family to share with others.  This is a good time to meet with teachers and other families.

Time: Sunday Aug 27 starting 11:00am (rain or shine)
Location: Dean Park of Shrewsbury, address: Main St, Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Parking: using Parking #4 or #5
What to bring: bring enough food for your own family 
Activities and Prices:  (start after lunch)


Running while holding a Pingpong ball with a Pingpong paddle (kids and adults)

Tug of war for different age groups.

We will also need youth volunteers to help running the activities.  Email me know if you would like to help.
Hope to see you there.




If you have not registered for 2017-2018 Chinese class and culture class yet, please register asap.  After Sept 1, the late fee $10 will be added to the tuition fee.  

Here is the link to unipay registration.   You could check out as a guest. Please make sure add parent duty fee $50 before you check out if you are not a teacher.

Here is the link to the registration tutorial:


Zhisong Ji

CCLS Principal

Great News!!! Four CCLS students become 2017 Math Kangaroo National Winners/important year end information

Hi all parents,


Great News!!!

Four of our Math Kangaroo class students are 2017 Math Kangaroo National Winners.

They are 
- Caroline Song, Level 4, 11th Place
- Katie Ji, Level 3, 11th Place
- Sharon Li, Level 3, 12th Place
- Emily Chen, Level 3, 14th Place
Full list of Math Kangaroo National Winners can be found at 
Our CCLS Math Kangaroo class teacher is Huamin Chen, in 2017-2018 school year he will continue to teach MathKangaroo class (3rd and 4th grade students) in the 3rd period and  will also start a new class Introduction to Coding (4th and 5th grade students) in the 4th period.
Congratulations to all students and their teacher Huamin Chen! 


June 18 will be the last day of this school year.  A lot of classes have year end party, please clean up after the party.


June 18 will be the last day to get your 2016-2017 Parent duty deposit, if you have performed parent duty this year and haven't gotten your parent duty deposit back, please come to the office and find Xiaotao Ma.


Information about CCLS summer camp at Framingham Plymouth Church  could be found through the link.
1 世纪中文学校夏令营 Summer Camp CCLS offers two-week summer camp for children 6 years and older from Aug 14-Aug 18 and Aug 21-Aug 25 at Plymouth Church of ...

Summer camp and next year class registration are both available though the link below.  Please register both as soon as possible so we know how many textbooks to order.




Zhisong Ji

CCLS Principal

Additional information