2017 AP 中文成绩汇报/CCLS registration

Hi CCLS Parents and teachers,



It is my pleasure to announce that six students in our AP Chinese class received 5 and one student received 4 in the 2017 AP Chinese exam.  I would like to thank AP Chinese teacher Yan Bai for her hard work.  Congratulations to all students and parents!  It is a great accomplishment after 10 years of Chinese learning. 





CCLS has offered AP/SAT Chinese for more than ten years.  I am glad to let you know that next year Yan Bai will continue to teach AP Chinese.  If you have not registered for Chinese class yet, please register asap.  After Sept 1, the late fee $10 will be added to the tuition fee. 


Here is the link to unipay registration.   You could check out as a guest. Please make sure add parent duty fee $50 before you check out if you are not a teacher.


Here is the link to the registration tutorial:



Our CCLS picnic will be hold on Aug 27 at Dean Park (11-3 pm).

Our first day of school will be Sept 10. 


Zhisong Ji

CCLS Principal

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