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There are two ways to register or create an account at CCLS Web Site:

  1. You can create a new account by click the "Create an account" link at the bottom of the left side menu bar. You will be prompted to enter user name, password, and your email address. An confirmation email will be sent to your email address with an activation link, please check your email and click the activation link to complete the creation of your account.
  2. Alternatively, if you have a gmail account, you can simply login with your gmail account user name and password. This way, you don't have to manage yet another set of user name and password. The web site uses google mail authentication service to authenticate you, your gmail password is not known to CCLS web site or the webmaster.

CCLS meets on Sunday afternoons between 1:30 and 5:00pm. The afternoon is divided into 4 45-minute periods with 10-minute breaks in between. The first two period is generally devoted to Chinese classes while the last two period Culture classes.

Class Hours

  • 1st period: 1:30 - 2:15pm
  • 2nd period: 2:25 - 3:10pm
  • 3rd period: 3:20 - 4:05pm
  • 4th period: 4:15 - 5:00pm

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